November 26th, 2006

Annie LeibowitzAnnie Leibovitz was a first time mom at age fifty one.

I love her.

And now I love her even more.

She’s had a great career, taking photos that sear into the souls of people – musicians, comedians, actors, politicians and regular folks too.

This photo of John and Yoko was taken just hours before Johns’ murder. Those of us reading this blog probably remember what we were doing when we heard about his death. Just like Kennedy, it’s a moment frozen in time for many of us.

The John – Yoko photo is one of Annie’s most famous photos, although you’d probably recognize a lot of them if you saw them.


You can tell by the photos that Annie is a free thinker – a wild spirit – and fiercely independent. I don’t know anything about her, but I know those things because she conveys them in all her photos.

She tells her story a bit like mine. Annie had a successful career – and woke up one day realizing she wanted to have children.

Medical intervention helped her conceive at fifty one. Then her twins were born to a surrogate mother when she was fifty six.

Do you have to adopt your children if they have a surrogate mom?

This many sound like a stupid question – but I just didn’t know. to the rescue!

Adoption comes into play in most cases. When there are no genetic links to the couple, both prospective parents usually adopt the child. If one of the individuals is a biological parent, usually the other partner must adopt from the surrogate mother. They may be able to utilize a stepparent type of adoption, although state laws vary.

The article goes on with pros and cons and legal rights of parents from all sides.

I guess I’m still not sure how it works though. If you are in the hospital, how does the birth certificate get made out to the MOM instead of the surrogate, birth mom? I’m confused.

(Baby M was the most famous surrogate case – if you aren’t familiar with it, read about it at the link above.)

Back to Annie.

She was quoted as saying:

I was a really young fifty and didn’t have any trouble with my first child. At fifty eight with three young children I feel my age. Do it sooner if you can. I don’t regret a moment though. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Thanks for the inspiration.

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6 Responses to “Annie Leibovitz – first time mom at fifity one!”

  1. I LOVE her, too!

    Also remember very well December 8, 1980.

    As far as the adoption end of it goes, I doubt the mom is the mom … that old egg thing happens … so it’s more likely that the dad is the dad and the mom must adopt from the mom. Is that clear?

  2. Ah,, so you mean the mom is the amom and the dad is the dad! Got it. But if there isn’t a dad…. just a sperm guy, than what? Troubled waters I’m sure.

  3. Not only that … there can also be an egg mom, so you’d have the egg mom, the womb mom and the amom.

  4. Dr. G says:

    how old is she now? 58? or is that quote from a while ago?

  5. Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz (born October 2, 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut

  6. sjuni says:

    Forgive me please if this is leading off topic, but I’m new at this. I am just turning 51. I want to find out the name of Annie Liebovitz’s doctor so I can try that route. I live in NYC where she lives, but I want to go to a doctor who I know has had success. Most are so negative. Any ideas?

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