September 26th, 2012
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RB and SP on shipRecently I wrote my Ten Reasons being an Older Parent is a Good Idea.  Now, ten days after my respite vacation, I’m still exhausted.  So in keeping with my mood du jour, here are 10 cautions for those considering “late in life” parenthood:

  1. Things do change after 50.  I get tired more easily and need more naps.  Maybe that’s an advantage!
  2. I have to constantly remind myself:  Little kids are supposed to be loud.
  3. I have to dress like a mom, not a Grandma.  No knit pants or house dresses just yet.
  4. I work harder at staying healthy than most of my age-peers.  I need to be strong and fit because I work hard (physically) every day.
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  6. Your kids have “older” parents.  My little ones get fewer playdate invitations than my Bigs did because the other kids parents don’t necessarily see us as their peers.
  7. Our own parents need more of our care and time.  Balancing these needs may be challenging a few years hence.
  8. People think I”m their grandma at times.  That may work to my advantage too!
  9. I have less patience than I once did.  Knowing I have less patience does help me try harder.
  10. Some of our kids may not get to know their grandparents.  Both sides of our family seem to be blessed with long life but you never know.
  11. The cost of child-rearing will definitely delay Dear Hubby’s retirement a while.

In the end, all these “negatives” have a positive twist, but they should be considered.  We talked about these things before we took on our little 3-pack but I must admit, they are coming to light more and more now that hubby is over 50 too.

I don’t regret at all our decision to adopt the 3 little ones. But at 53, when I am tired and not bouncing back quickly, I do have to remind myself of that from time to time.  What cautions would you add to the list?

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  1. yoursmineourstheirs says:

    I am 57, my husband is 63. We adopted our 11 year old twin boys 10 years ago. We were foster parents and got them when they were 10 weeks old, had them a year and then was asked to adopt them. Every thing you mentioned is right on target for us. One other thing, we have grown kids & 12 grandchildren. Trying to keep up with our boys and have time for all the grandkids is really hard. I know our children are jealous that we have to spend our time raising our boys instead of spoiling our grandkids. We have one granddaughter that is 11 months older than our boys. The rest are the same age and younger. They all love playing with their uncles & don’t give us a second thought but the parents have mentioned that we are not the grandparents they thought we would be. Not that we are bad ones, we just don’t have the time for each individually like we would have. I have started taking each grandchild out for their birthday, just me and him/her, and once a year we take the grandsons camping with us and the boys. So if you have grown kids remember that one day you will probably have grandchildren too.

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